About us

doktorat.at is an open platform for doctoral candidates (PhD equivalent) and junior researchers, research and education policy makers and media.
In close cooperation with the the ÖH (Austrian National Student’s Union) as stakeholder for 15.000 Austrian doctoral candidates, our aims are:


  • Introducing the interests of doctoral candidates in national and european research and education policy. Pointing the attention to problems, to issues concerning doctoral candidates, suggesting solutions.
  • Providing information for doctoral candidates in fields like mobility, financing, …
  • Facilitating the communication and networking between the doctoral candidates representatives who are acting locally at the Austrian universities.


Do you think about coming to Austria for research? For a PhD or post-doc position? The first website you should consult is EURAXESS Austria providing information and assistance to mobile researchers – by means of this portal and with the support of national EURAXESS Services Centres. This portal contains practical information concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities. The services centres help researchers and their family to plan and organise their move to a foreign country, providing assistance in all matters related to mobility.


In general, there is a very flexible system of doctoral postgraduate education in Austria. The first step is to find to find a subject and a supervisor. For this purpose, browse through the websites of the departments, institutes and research units and simply contact scientists working in a research field that sounds interesting to you. There are also some more formalized graduate schools (“Doktorandenkolleg”) who have different admission and application procedures. But in general, you have to register at the university as a student before you can start your PhD project. The PhD candidates’ representation of Vienna University of Technology provides some basic information which is to some extent also applicable to other universities.