Eurodoc Conference 2012 – Press Release

The annual conference and general meeting of Eurodc took place on March 21 – 25, 2012, in Krakow, Poland. This major European gathering of doctoral candidates, young researchers and policy makers was co-organised by the National Representation of PhD Candidates in Poland (Krajowa Reprezentacja Doktorantow).

During the general meeting, Eurodoc celebrated 10 years since its founding, commemorating events and achievements since the first general meeting in Girona, Spain, in 2002. The Rector of AGH University, Prof. Antoni Tajduś, along with the President of KRD, Robert Kiljańczyk and the President of Eurodoc, Ludovic Garattini, gave opening addresses. The two plenary sessions which followed (“The role of public and private institutions in the funding of science” and “Academic entrepreneurship, Spin-off companies”) included speakers from the European Research Council, the National Science Centre, Euroscience, the Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology, and Crowdfunding Europe, among others. During roundtables and workshops, Eurodoc delegates and other participants discussed such issues as promoting and raising awareness on Charter & Code among young researchers, job insecurity in academia, alternative sources of funding, and the role of public and private institutions in supporting doctoral candidates with disabilities.

The most important conclusion of the conference is the need to promote and implement The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, with its focus on adequate working conditions, as well as the importance of entrepreneurship in the future of doctoral education.

At the Annual General Meeting, the new Eurodoc Board was elected. The new President of Eurodoc is Slobodan Radicev (Serbia), with the other positions being filled by Ricardo Rosado (vice-president – Norway); Kristina Majsec  (secretary – Croatia); Georgios Papavasileiou (treasurer – Cyprus); Dorottya Poczi (Hungary); Klaudia Czopek (Poland); Luke Herbert (Denmark).

The new Board will work on strengthening internal communication with individual volunteers and member organizations, as well as our institutional partners, and prioritize securing viable funding for the future of Eurodoc.

Eurodoc is pleased to announce that the next Eurodoc Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting will take place in Portugal in April 2013, and is organized by the Portuguese Association of the grant-holding researches (Associação dos Bolseiros de Investigação Cientifica).

The European Council of doctoral and junior researchers was founded in Girona (Spain) in 2002 and takes the form of a federation of national associations of doctoral candidates and young researchers. For general enquiries and more information about Eurodoc please contact us at, or visit us at:

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